There is no denying in the fact that American Airlines is the world’s largest airline after merging with the US Airways. Sometimes airlines don’t care about customer service. Why is that? Because somewhere profits are involved. Is american airlines customer service better than the others?

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University of Nevada has found that there is absolutely no link in between the airplane performance and customer satisfaction. The airline management is only concerned with the seats-  by filling as many as possible. They increase the number of seats by compressing the width of the seat and that’s not it, the space where one places their feet is also reduced in order to add on some extra rows, especially in economy class. The fuel efficiency in the airline industry is also calculated per passenger (in kilometers per litre). On the other hand the luxury airline British Airways which is famous for its spacious legroom and hospitality has low fuel efficiency. We as customers tend to see the ticket price as an important factor. It is mainly the deciding factor for all fliers and because of this different airlines compete with each other with respect to the price rather than focusing and providing good service. It is very obvious that the customers will book the lowest fare irrespective of the airline’s reputation. It’s the same case with the american airlines customer service. The airline industry does not even bother about the customer concerns and there are customers (especially the price conscious ones) who actually permit them to deliver the worst possible customer service. The customers even accept vouchers as compensation which is again a win- win for the airline industry. The role of a flight attendant is to ensure the safety of each passenger. The cabin crew is also responsible for hospitality and passenger’s safety. They are not paid to be nice to the passengers nor for taxiing, disembarkation or boarding. The airlines can blame anyone apart from them if there is some delay. First class ticket holders get the best service but when it comes to the economy class service it is lowering down every passing year. 

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Passengers deserve both, great service and low price and there are many industries that have provided both and are earning a respectable profit as well. Therefore , the  american airlines customer service must keep in mind that customers will flock towards them if their service is satisfactory. A little change in the service can make a huge difference.